No: 255, 22 October 2020, Press Release Regarding The Police Raid On A Mosque In Berlin

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 22.10.2020

We strongly condemn the police raid on Mevlana Mosque, one of the oldest and most central mosques in Berlin. The sensitivity that should be shown towards the sanctity of places of worship was disregarded in this heinous act.

It is unacceptable that a large number of police officers raided the mosque over a financial investigation, when the community gathered for morning prayers.

The fact that the police walked inside the mosque in their boots under the pretext of a raid and profaned this place of worship is inexcusable.

Such an ugly act in the capital of a country that tries to lecture others on freedom of expression and belief is also thought-provoking.

This raid was not only against the community in the Mevlana mosque; it was also an act against all the Muslim community, and it is inexplicable.

Also, it is yet another example of the biased, discriminatory, and disproportionate treatment of the Muslim community, whose number is approaching five million in Germany.

German authorities must understand the fact that Muslims are an integral part of Germany and put an end to excluding and marginalizing them.


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